100BB 6-MAX CASH SB vs BB Strategy 2.50BB OR (RAKE: NL500 GG Network)

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GTO SB vs BB  Preflop Strategy for 100bb 6-max cash game with 2.50bb Open Raise (OR). The solution is calculated separately for SBvsBB spot in Simple Preflop Holdem using 10k/10k/10k bucketing with a very large number of iterations.

Rake in the solutions corresponds to NL500 GG Network rake. For the calculation the following settings of rake were applied:

  • Rake %: 5%
  • Rake Cap: 1.6bb
  • Rake applied on the preflop for pots > 2.5bb

In the game tree of the SBvsBB spot other positions have only one option to fold and their starting range was set as approximate range of fold (to account removal effect of dead cards). List of solved files with sizings description:

  • SB 2.5x
  • BB vs SB 2.5x: call, 3bet to 7.5bb, to 8.75bb or All in
  • SB vs (SB 2.5x vs BB to 7.5bb): call, 4bet to 18.75bb, to 22.5bb, to 26.25bb or All in
  • SB vs (SB 2.5x vs BB to 8.75bb): call, 4bet to 17.5bb, to 22bb, to 26.25bb or All in


All solutions are provided in 3 formats:

  • Simple Preflop Holdem saved file (*.bin)
  • Pio Charts files
  • Images of ranges from Simple Preflop Holdem (*.png)

Upon receipt of payment, a link to download the solution will be instantly sent to the email provided.