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Buckets, Preflop Solutions Examples, Simple Preflop Holdem -

Hello everyone!In this article we will consider and compare the strategies calculated in the Simple Preflop Holdem solver using different calculation parameters, thereby justifying the choice of parameters used for calculations that are sold in our store of preflop gto solutions GTOSims. All examples can be downloaded and browsed in the free version of Simple Preflop Holdem. We will also demonstrate in what formats the user receives the solution purchased in GTOSims and how to open them. This article focuses on the calculation parameters for solutions that are listed on the website under the authorship of SimplePoker. General information about test calculations As an example,...

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MTT, New GTO Solutions -

We are glad to inform you about the release of the new MTT section in our preflop GTO solutions shop!From the start, there are presented 4 preflop game trees designed by GregXX - an experienced MTT player and coach!Solutions are available for 9-max MTT with 12.5% ​​ante for the following stack depths: 15 BB 20 BB 25 BB 30 BB All new solutions are solved in Simple Preflop Holdem with 1000/5000/5000 (flop/turn/river) buckets with large number of iterations and are provided in three formats: Simple Preflop Holdem file, Pio Charts and structured into folders screenshots of ranges.Over time, new solutions will appear in...

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Launch of Website -

We are in a hurry to inform you about the official opening of our website! Our site is dedicated to the most qualitatively calculated optimal preflop strategies in various poker games and disciplines. Every effort has been made to create the store so that you get the highest quality solutions. What is the secret to the quality of our preflop solutions? Game trees are designed by professional players and people with tremendous experience in GTO calculations. For some games, several variants of game trees are presented so that you can find the most suitable variant for you, for a more...

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