HU HOLDEM 6+ 30 Ante (RAKE: Ante 2$ PokerStars)

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GTO Solutions for Holdem 6+ HU 30 Ante Cash Game. The solution is calculated with different bet sizings in Simple Preflop Holdem. The file is calculated using 10k/10k/10k bucketing with a very large number of iterations.

Solution is calculated with rake (Ante 2$ PokerStars).

Standard position names are used from Texas Holdem (all players put 1 ante before a preflop and the player that seats on the button put 1 ante on the preflop - this player named BB in solutions and always acts last both on the preflop and postflop). The file with sizing description:

30 ante

  • SB Limp, to 3.5 ante, to 5 ante or All in
  • BB vs SB Limp: check, ISO to 3.5 ante, to 5 ante, to 7 ante or All in
  • BB vs SB to 3.5 ante: call, 3bet All in
  • BB vs SB to 5 ante: call, 3bet All in
  • SB vs BB ISO: call,  All in

All solutions are provided in 3 formats:

  • Simple Preflop Holdem saved file (*.bin)
  • Pio Charts files
  • Images of ranges from Simple Preflop Holdem (*.png)

Upon receipt of payment, a link to download the solution will be instantly sent to the email provided.