100BB 6-MAX CASH FULL TREE (RAKE: NL600 PokerStars)

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Single Preflop GTO Solution for 100bb 6-Max Cash Game designed by PRO cash game player - Mikhail "Innerpsy" Shalamov. The solution is calculated for the full 6-max game tree in Simple Preflop Holdem. The GTO sim was calculated using 10k/10k/10k bucketing with a large number of iterations.

Rake in the solution corresponds to NL600 PokerStars rake. For the calculation the following settings of rake were applied:

  • Rake %: 5%
  • Rake Cap: 0.58bb
  • Rake is not applied on the preflop

Sizings description:

no open limps | no cold calls

utg, hj, co, btn open 2.5bb:

  • hj, co 3bet 9bb
    • vs 3bet: co, btn, sb, bb 4bet 23bb
  • btn call, 3bet 9bb
    • vs call: sb, bb 3bet 13bb
      • call, 4bet 27bb
    • vs 3bet: sb, bb 4bet 23bb; open raiser call, 4bet 23bb
  • sb 3bet 11bb
    • 4bet 25bb
  • bb call, 3 bet 11bb
    • 4bet 25bb

sb open 3bb:

  • bb call, 3bet 9bb
    • sb call, 4bet 23.5bb

All solutions are provided in 3 formats:

  • Simple Preflop Holdem saved file (*.bin)
  • Pio Charts files
  • Images of ranges from Simple Preflop Holdem (*.png)

Upon receipt of payment, a link to download the solution will be instantly sent to the email provided.