9-MAX MTT 25BB (ChipEV; ANTE 12%)

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ChipEV GTO Preflop tree for full ring 9-max table 25bb deep. There are strategies for all positions in this simulation and all possible strategical options for everyone. This solution is calculated, using 1k/5k/5k bucketing on a large number of iterations and has very high accuracy.

The file with sizing description:

  • 9max, ante 12%;
  • Open 2bb, Open AI;
  • 3bet: IP (5.5bb), OOP (6.75bb), AI;
  • Limps and isolates are available for SB & BB.
  • All multiway nodes are calculated for maximum of 4 players, including 3 postflop sizes on every street. Individual postflop frequencies are also available in every node


All solutions are provided in 3 formats:

  • Simple Preflop Holdem saved file (*.bin)
  • Pio Charts files
  • Images of ranges from Simple Preflop Holdem (*.png)

Upon receipt of payment, a link to download the solution will be instantly sent to the email provided.